Premiere: D’Marc Cantu – Potion Of Life


The glass beaker sat upon the worktop, it's murky green contents shimmered within. This was the elixir of love and a potion of life. It was to be used sparingly as it was worth more than all of his worldly possessions combined. It had cost him his soul to purchase but now that it sat amidst the dull white room he felt scared. As he gazed out through the glass window he looked peacefully upon the autumn leaves as they fell golden to the concrete below. Up high in the tower nobody knew that what he was about to drink from would make him a new man. 

Banlieue Records return at the beginning of the new year with a statement of intent. Their new split EP features a number of prominent artists including Nummer, Benoit B, D'Marc Cantu and more. It is the D'Marc Cantu track which we bring to you exclusively below: 

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