Premiere: Dj Lily – Lilies Were Here (Dadda Made Me Do It)


In the park there were crowds of people who wandered aimlessly taking in the fresh air beneath the warmth of the hot summer sun. They gathered by ice cream trucks and sat by the water where they watched others swim and people play. Lilies were here, they looked elegant and graceful in the glinting light and lined the pond like tall crystal outposts upon which the wildlife watched. Such a day was a novelty around these parts, there was peace in the air and despite the banging of drums the people were happy. 

Dj Lily likes Lilies, this much is clear. The new EP is called "Lilies5" and is released on… wait, you guessed it, Lilies. Anyway, it's a wonderful EP made up of heavy hitting poignant techno, rough drums and industrial strength. Purpose built with the club in mind, just as we like. 

Listen below: