Premiere: DJ Gonzo & Dr Yes – Ekranoplan


For the last few months time seemed to stand still. Routine shaped her life now; every day was the same, from the moment she opened her eyes to the moment she finally rested her head on her pillow. It had begun to feel normal, as if this were all that was expected of her existence on this planet. Perhaps she preferred this life; cocooned from the pressures of the outside world.

The brainchild of DJ and Headroom co-founder Jessica, Lapse Records enters the world with a split EP from DJ Gonzo & Dr. Yes and Sasha Zlykh. The former pairing, known for their solo outputs as Klein and Melcher, respectively, take care of the A-Side with a playful techy cut and a spooky, hypnotic groover, while on the flip Sasha Zlykh takes the reins with two tripped out collabs alongside pals Troy and Trippsy.