Premiere: Dawn Again & Rothmans – Woman For A Day (Clandestino ‘Desert Trance’ Remix)


The place was heaving and the crowds at the makeshift bar were the only faces visible, the swinging lightbox bathing the word "LIQUOR" on the thirsty fizzogs. Just yards away, the darkness was clammy with pilfered delirium. There was no structure to the merry dancers, no routine. Nothing more than a random synchronicity, a heady escape from the toils of the weekdays. They were all just off the leash right now. Work, score, dance, rest and start it all again next week. 

Scouse footie nutter Rothmans teams up with his Antipodean associate Dawn Again on the forthcoming 'Pele EP'. On this remix, acid urchins from the other end of the M62 Clandestino provide a surprise. Falling in like some fluffy cloud, the driving bass and tribal excursion soon blows away any hazed ambience. Pushing further into CinemaScope territory than other Rothmans releases, a piano refrain and delayed FX keep it sci-fi before the snares roll and the bassline wriggles it home. 

Dawn Again & Rothmans – The Pele Release is out on Rothmans on 18th September 2017 and can be pre-ordered HERE.

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