Premiere: Das Ding – Protocol


In life and work she did everything by the book. Spontaneity was not in her vocabulary, she liked things to be just so; nothing out of place, everything perfectly presented. In her opinion rules were in place for a reason; breaking them was simply incomprehensible. You’d find no foul play or corner cutting; protocol had to be followed.

Music platform Onderwereld’s origins lie in The Hague’s the bunker: a meeting place for the city’s electronic music scene and the former home of IntergalacticFM. The space may have closed down now but the spirit still lives on through those who were part of it, Onderwereld being one of them. The platform is now levelling up with the launch of a new label arm, the first release of which rallies together a wealth of artists from the country’s rich underground music community—the likes of Das Ding, Legowelt, Intergalactic Gary, unit moebius anonymous, Gamma Intel and many more.