Premiere: CT Kidobo – Death Of Postmodernism


She fingered the papers on her desk, leafing through archaic texts and historical works of old men she cared very little for. Since beginning her studies she had tried her best to shun the so-called ‘experts’ in favour of new radicals, of unheard voices and those who went against the grain. That was the way she’d been raised, to think and look outside of the box, something she felt increasingly thankful for as she grew older. After all, you should never believe everything you’re told…

Parisian label Zone, masterminded by The Hacker and Alexandre Raynaud, have built a reputation for their tasteful electro-driven output, boasting a catalogue that includes Gesaffelstein Jensen interceptor, Maelstrom and many more. For their next instalment they turn their attentions to Budapest and DJ and producer CT Kidobó, who has previously released music for Earth Plates, Dalmata Daniel and, under his Das Model moniker, for Mille Feuilles. Across the four tracks on Impulse & Inhibition, CT Kidobo explores sounds for the day time, with future plans in place for a sequel of darker “sounds of the night” later this year.