Premiere: Coyote – Dead Feathers


The years of darkness had left him scorned and castigated, until today. With plumage resplendent, the magnificence of his fiery wings were magnified by the intense solar glare. He ascended proudly into the celeste skies, ignorant of familiar cries. His avarian cloak became his Emperor's Clothes, as the feathers wilted and died in the Cypriot sun and he crescendoed, spiralled and fell tormented into the halcyon waters below.

After nearly two decades of DJing and a successful podcast series, "happily ageing" Leeds trio Clandestino are now embarking on the label journey. First up is a vinyl sampler, from which this track by Coyote (Is It Balearic? chaps Timm and Ampo) is our favoured cut. Militaristic beats and soft glitching give way to a gentle aquatic bassline, retro chord progressions and a sublime acid flutter which feels just right. Get a screaming lift off, take a low-in-the-mix synth lead, and get all muddled up at the end, just how it should be. Other tracks on this sampler come from the lads themselves, Bird Of Paradise and A Vision Of Panorama.

Clandestino Label Sampler is due on vinyl 15th June 2016, with digital soon after and can be pre-ordered HERE.

For more info on Clandestino look HERE. Follow Coyote on Facebook HERE.

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