Premiere: Citizenn – Tied (Adesse Versions Remix)


Having dropped the single 'Tied' from his upcoming album for Crosstown Rebels last month, you might be thinking that Citizenn might take a break, but no! Instead he's sorted out an EP, set to hit shops later this month. Featuring remixes of Tied from artists including Denney and Murk Mega, the EP is a finely polished prism through which Citizenn's majesty can be refracted into a rainbow of rave great-ness. Source: Our tapping feet. 

We're giving you a chance to hear Adesse Versions take on the track right here- a deep, lovely slice of house that remembers to bring the raw jack as well as the warm cosy. Apparently Miles 'Thunder' Simpson is a fan, and he's a miserable old shit (Hi Miles!), so it must be doing something right…

Citizenn's Tied EP is out on 18th May via Crosstown Rebels.