Premiere: Christian S – Dancer (feat Matias Aguayo)


Night had fallen on the city and throughout the streets swarms of people headed out to dance the night away. On every corner basements became hives of activity, spaces where free spirited animals could lose their inhibitions together. Sweat dripped from the basement walls, the air dense with heat from the bodies that writhed across the floor. You could hardly breathe amidst the thick smoke that hid the faces of the nocturnal dancers. The real movers and the shakers would stay until dawn, before the debaucherous cycle would begin again.

Cologne-native Christian S. lands on Permanent Vacation for his next EP Tannin. Following his releases on Comeme, the crew he is also part of, this release features four tracks, each equally wonderful in its own way. Our pick which features Matias Aguayo, is a buoyant house jam smattered with crisp hi-hats and reverberating synths.