Premiere: Chrissy – Presidential Astrologer (Savile Remix)


Recalling that his old friend Charlton knew the Roman emperors personally, Reagan called him up from the big red phone. "So, Ben, Nancy has been talking to some ol' Joanie at one of her First Lady engagements and she reckons that your ol' pal Caesar took advice from some of these astronomer guys".

"ASTROLOGY!", Nancy shouted from the wings as she laid out his PJs on the davenport, and wiped down the framed picture of Maggie.

"Ah Ronnie, good to hear from you", Charlton replied as he struggled to put his vest on over his rifle-strap. "Well Sir, you do realise that was just a film role?", he said politely. 

"Yeah sure I do Ben, that Italian guy makes a real tasty salad, I know he was acting, you know he was acting, but the electorate in Wisconsin doesn't. It's our secret Ben!", Ronnie replied. "I called Maggie, fine-looking woman, she said to speak to some guy she uses, Russell Grant, he has all the Goddamn answers. Look how well she's doing! What you think Ben? BEN?!!!"

"Brrr…….." The phone line drops dead.

Picking up his cowboy hat, and fondly patting it on to The President's head, Nancy calms Ronnie down and reaches for the business card from her clutch bag. The Free World would continue to be safe in their hands.

Chrissy – Growl EP is out now on Freerange Records. Buy it HERE.