Premiere: Cervo – Oshala


What is Oshala? Who is Oshala? Where is Oshala? The mystery behind a name remains untold, unfound and unknown. This in itself built part of an ever spoken story of which there were no facts, just ideas, references and make believe. Enchantment was Oshala, it was everywhere, in the tales of a dream, the plans of a scheme. Oshala was whatever you made it to be, and that was a thing of great beauty and yet, peril. 

Seven Davis Jr has curated a compilation for R2 UK. Titled 'Future Society' it contains a collection of forward thinking, diverse music which he has personal belief and trust in, much of it previously unheard. We have opted to premiere the track from Cervo of Banana Hill which features tropical percussion and driven rythmic energy throughout. Listen below:

Their is a launch party in Dalston for the release this Friday HERE featuring many of the artists involved as well as Seven Davis Jr himself. Buy the release HERE.

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