Premiere: Carrot Green & Selvagem – Ossain (Disco Halal)


The riverboat glides through the green foliage and precariously pitches up on the bank off this narrow tributary. Disembarking, through the trees can be heard the maniacal mutterings of the macumba leader. Fearing to tread too close to this black magical ceremony, the traveller uses the aged girth of a ceiba to conceal and witness. A hesitant glance reveals the full spectacle, the bizarre observance. In a small circle, the chanting chief is enclosed by half-dozen followers, frenzied and fired as they hear their chief's song. His translation poor, the hidden explorer picks out just a few couplets. A tale? A creature, half-man/ half-porpoise and a tribal head who has been wronged, disrespected. A picture is shared from the circle to the shamanic teacher. As it is held high, with the cantations rising, the European recognises his own face on the newspaper cutting. The air becomes abruptly turbulent, and he looks back to see his boat's guy rope loosen and the craft sweeps into the swelling river. 

Carrot Green & Selvagem – Disco Halal Vol. 4 Brazil is released on 8th February. Follow Disco Halal HERE.