Premiere: Brassica – Storm 87


Forks of lightning ripped through the sky in fluorescent colours of purple and white, lacing the aether with bolts of electricity. From the cliff top the sky felt expansive, mirroring the choppy waters below that stretched further than the eye could see. She stood on the precipice and gazed down into the murky depths, becoming lost momentarily in its dark void. It should have seemed terrifying, but for her this was the most magical place to be during the height of the storm.

Four years on from his Time Tunnel release, UK-based producer Brassica returns to Feel My Bicep with Crystal Sea. Also marking the first label release of the year, the four tracker connects the dots between 90s electronica, 80s synth, 70s prog and 60s experimental electronics, exploring the narratives of music-past. Each track on the EP flaunts his expertly honed production techniques with a refined vision, both looking back to his early memories of dance music whilst dreaming of new musical realms and embarking on the beginning of a new chapter.