Premiere: Borusiade – Feelings Of Entropy


As the sinuous bassline increases in energy, the thermal engine snaps in and kicks crisply, reverberating throughout the secret lab deep under Teutonic soil. The technician monitors the heartbeats of the curious and philanthropic volunteers, their pulses recorded as the luminous steel chamber recharges their tired souls. The dawning of a new creation, unhindered by the minutiae of the everyday, the technician rejoiced in her discovery. 

Romanian born and Berlin resident Borusiade delivers another dark, no-wave disco throbber with this track from her latest EP for Correspondant. Noiresque in tone, the half spoken/ half vocodered lyrics complement the chemically filtered sci-fi synths and clipped percussion.

Borusiade – Feelings Of Entropy EP is released by Correspondant on 13th May 2016. Take a look at the Correspondant Bandcamp HERE. Follow Borusiade on Facebook HERE.

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