Premiere: Boris Acket – Znton 04


The planet was a million miles away from everything he'd ever known, it was a distant beacon of hope which would offer new life after the apocalypse had passed. The end of planet earth was approaching fast and soon he would need to take it upon himself to disembark from the weird, abstract reality of the 21st century. Who knew what lay out there amidst the dense black galaxy and the flickering stars? Would it be better than here? Would there be others there? Was Znton the one… 

Boris Acket is set to release a new EP on the Amsterdam based collaborative project and record label De Lichting. Made up of a consortium of Yield Records, Native Response and Working Title the label has acted as a prominent showcase of leftfield dance and electronic music in the city and offers great promise. The new EP from Boris Acket is titled "Znton" and features a collection of thoughtful tech fused tracks built for the club. 

Listen below: 

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