Premiere: Books – Feel It In My Bones (Feat Zodiac)


The cold air blew coarsely through the winter night. She could feel it in her bones as she walked beneath the glow of the office blocks and the dim glow of streetlights. As she looked around people came and went, faceless and blurry they were but mere reflections which moved in between the dark and shadowy spaces. The concrete upon which she tread was glazed in water from the rain which had poured all day long. She could almost catch a glimpse of herself when looking at her feet in the shine of the damp. She kept on walking through the night until she saw the light again once more. It was safer that way. 

Books is the next artist to release music on XVI. He delivers three tracks of elegant, enchanting house music which accompany the dark nights of winter very well. Listen to 'Feel It In My Bones' below: 

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