Premiere: Bogdan – Parovoznikov (Justin Van Der Volgen Remix)


The engine was spluttering like an apoplectic grandfather and spewing out great clouds of black smog. Fuck. He knew he should have checked it before the flight. But there was no time for reflection now. A quick glance at the altimeter revealed the severity of the situation. The plane was dropping fast and he was struggling to bring the nose up. Just one minute more in the air and he'd be able to parachute out over the jungle – god knows what lay in wait for him there, but he wasn't about to waste time thinking about it. Strapping on his parachute and booting open the door, he felt the wind whipping against his face, and launched himself out into the great unknown.

Russian producer Krjuk aka Bogdan joins the Not An Animal stable with his latest release! We're premiering Justin Van Der Volgen's excellent remix of 'Parovoznikov', which turns the original into a rugged electro jam. Listen below:

Parovoznikov is out now via Not An Animal, order it here.

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