Premiere: Blood Wine Or Honey – Anxious Party People (Factory Floor Remix)


The room was awash with solitary dancers, present yet unaware. They listened to the clatter of drums as they bounced between the walls with a gracious warmth. Whilst this looked to be a place of wonder, a safe haven and a community with presence, it was nothing but a gang of anxious party people. This was their outlay for emotional inconsistency and a troubled past, the noise was a welcome wave of overriding support. However, in reality it offered little solution. 

Blood Wine or Honey are an exciting new group to emerge from the industrial backbeat of Hong Kong. As a result their sound is awash with wide reaching influences and inspiration in the obscure. Who better than Factory Floor to reimagine what was already a charmed creation. Listen below: 

Buy the release from the 28th of April HERE

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