Premiere: Aquadab & Mc A – Twilight Of Dinner


The restaurant lay empty and the plates bare. The people had left in a hurry when the bomb had struck. In the twilight of dinner the trouble had started as the foundations of the buildings shook. They had feared this day would come for a long, long time but yet they still felt unprepared. How could you prepare for an act of war, it wasn't in their nature. Quite simply, they were now left with no choice but to fight back with persistence and all of their earthly might. The day would come in which all of this would be a bitter memory. 

Bokeh Versions have been on a run of form as of late. The latest release from the label comes in the form of Aquadab and MC A who deliver an array of electronic explorations across eight tracks. Listen to 'Twilight Of Dinner' below: 

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