Premiere: Anatolian Weapons – Chant Nine


The lighthouse stood proudly in the middle of the desert, its bright beacon scanning the dunes like an all-seeing eye. As the warning lights reflected across the sand, each grain sparkled under its beam before melting away to reveal huge chasms of water, resembling a Dali painting. Was this a mirage or just a figment of their imagination?

Following the textural electronica of Da Iguana in December, Russian collective, event series and label Serenades are stepping into 2021 with their first split EP, which brings together Malka Tuti alumni LINJA and Beats In Space producer Anatolian Weapons. Complimenting each other beautifully, the two sides bring a mix of rumbling basslines, frantic percussion and deep, low slung rhythms to send you into a dizzying trance.