Premiere: Alma Negra – Tabanka (Version)


The chant was one of pain and desperation as he stood amidst the village of shanty huts. This was a place which he had called home for so long but now as he stood staring at the burnt out town that surrounded him he had never felt a stronger sense of disconnect. His heart ached for his missing lover, she had vanished into the shadowy depths of the forest which surrounded the once peaceful town. He shouted into the night, calling her name, "Tabanka" he cried, again and again. 

Sofrito: Tropical Discotheque is a record label made up of Hugo Mendez, Frankie Francis, Lewis Heriz and friends. Based in London they release music of a wonderfully eclectic worldly origin which could be as far removed from the city streets in which they inhabit.  Alma Negra is based in Switzerland and has previously released music for Highlife and INI Movement. This one has tribal dancefloor written all over it. Listen below: 

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