Premiere: Alien D – Evaluate for Truth


"We're living in the past, developing a habit of moving on, when it's time to go, move on. It can make it easier for us right? Adjustment moments, we have a lot of adjustment moments when we're being offered the opportunity to let go of something that has been easy or pleasant or desirable about this old life. And, these are always things that are not likely to be around a year from now and so we're offered these adjustment moments, opportunities to let go of it now so we have a gentler settling in to place and not a sudden crash off the cliff. Does that make sense?"

Dublin's First Second Label put family first on their new compilation *Completely Sold Out Rarities, a collection of tracks from previous label mates as well as artists who the imprint will be working with in future. First available on a limited CD, the 13 tracks are now available digitally for the first time, featuring the likes of Sputnik One, DJ OK, Lee Kelly and Alien D.