Premiere: Aimes – Grandiose Visions (Original Mix)


He'd left the office hours ago, and reconvened in his favourite joint a few blocks away. The bar keep kept him refreshed, while he mused over the meeting from earlier when he had first heard their misgivings. He scribbled away while the ideas came to him, crossed out as erratically as their origins. He screwed his face as he caught his reflection in the mirrored wall lined with liquor. The inky scrawl on the back of his Malboro's was hardly a manifesto for success. Ordering another whiskey, he crushed the carton in his veiny fist and hurled it at his mirage beyond the bottles.

Wonder Stories’ head man Aimes readies his first 12” of the year with 'Grandiose Visions'. The EP contains mixes from pal DJ Rocca and San Fran's the Beat Broker. On the original mix here, guitars shimmer in from a clear horizon, as an arpeggiated bassline propels this grandiose groover. Always ready to fill in the details before some classy Italo piano, this spacey trip drives on through the late night, licks, tricks and spills along the way. Pedal to the metal, there's still miles to go. 

Aimes – Grandiose Visions is released on Wonder Stories on 15th March 2017 and can be pre-ordered HERE. Follow Aimes on Facebook.

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