First View: Glowing Palms X Ruf Dug – Rachel’s Team


Manchester producer/label head Ruf Dug runs the Ruf Kutz imprint, which specialises in limited run, hand-stamped DIY pressings. He's also released on labels including Unknown To The Unknown, Crosstown Rebels and Banoffee Pies, and delivered not just one but two excellent R$N mixes.

Anyway, RK#10 is a special 7" of fresh Ruf Dug collabs, now available at Piccadilly.

We've got A-side 'Rachel's Team' below, a collab with Glowing Palms. The track struts along the boardwalk with old skool drums, tropical synths, funky guitar licks, and a suitably loopy video directed by Ruf Dug himself. Something about an insane AI who's addicted to/fueled by old cassettes… I don't know, just watch it below. It's a vibes sandwich but with vibes instead of bread so really you're just stuffing a whole pile of vibes inside your mouth.

Beverly Hills Cop II was on TV the other night (yes of course I ended up watching the whole thing), and if it didn't have the perfect theme song already I'd definitely suggest replacing it with this amazing track.