First View: Dj Normal 4 & Bufiman – Dance Of The Toads


Deep in the murky reaches of the backbeat jungle was a mystic cave, unexplored and untouched. No man had ever set foot in this place, it was not for them to tread. Left as mother nature intended, wildlife flourished prominently beneath the green clouds up above. There was a hazy glow to this space, an eerie sense of foreboding. The raindrops began to fall softly between the leaves as the sky darkened. The dance of the toads sprung to life within the shrubs and the jungle was alive and in love. 

Now here's a collaboration to get your teeth into. Dj Normal 4 & Bufiman have long been favourites of us here at the Ransom Note and their new release on Aiwo simply reinforces what we already knew. Listen and watch the video directed by Mirko Podkowik below: 


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