First Listen: Subheim – Red Ridge (Denovali)


If one were to traverse the desert for days our senses would surely deteriorate rather spectacularly, leaving us dazed and confused by our surroundings. As the floor around us turns to a murky, fiery colour and the horizons that seemed to be miles away from us now appear to be right at our footsteps, we find ourselves constantly balancing precariously upon a 'Red Ridge'.

That could very well be the aural state that Subheim was in when this latest aural delight was curated as it's set to mess with your head in such a careful way that you'll be quite happy to get caught right up in this trip and you definitely wouldn't say no to taking it again. And again. And again. Go on, climb right up on that 'Red Ridge' and let your ears free;

Foray is out on 27th November via Denovali.