First Listen: Kloke – P.H.O.N.E. (Hieroglyphic Being Remix)


When you pick up the phone you can never quite be 100% sure of what exactly you're going to hear on the other end. Sure, caller ID and the like have made it easier to work out whose voice you're most likely to hear but there's no way of predicting exactly what words they'll use, the inflexion those words will have or if it's someone just calling up to say 'we hear you're been in an accident'.

There are very few sounds, however, that will match the feeling of picking up the phone to hear a remix from Hieroglyphic Being on the other end and, if it's this particularly remix of Kloke that you're greeted with, there's very little in the world of sound that can beat the treat you're about to receive. Pick up this 'P.H.O.N.E.' right now and enjoy all the sweet aural goodness that comes your way;

P.H.O.N.E is out on 16th October via Styles Upon Styles.