First Listen: Cardopusher – 505 Authority (Boysnoize Records)


There are three rules that we should all abide by in life. 1 – Always spread peace and love. 2 – Respect the authority of others. And 3 – Never stroke a cat the wrong way. The second of these rules is a motto which giants of cultural significane such as Eric Cartman have been telling us about for years and it's high time we took notice. If we can respect the authority of those who are beholden to great power, we can learn to use this power to the advantages of ourselves and others throughout society.

One such man with plenty of power is Cardopusher and his almighty ability is to create sounds that vibrate our ears in just the right way that it can cause the feeling of pure ecstasy. We undoubtedly respect his authority and are more than happy to share some of his latest sounds with you right here;

Manipulator is out now via Boysnoize Records.