we actually like #35

Shina Williams & His African Percussionists – Agboju Logan
Volume VI of Supafrico’s consistently superb ‘Sound of Funky Africa’ series is upon as and manages to maintain the high standards of previous incarnations. Taking the best rare cuts of African disco and soul, the highlight of the 12″ has to be the sprawling Nigerian disco thumper of Agboju Logan. A percussive masterclass. (Patrick)

Systematic Records presents Lost Treasures 4: Mike Dunn meets Victor Simonelli & Luis Radio – Nothing Stays The Same 
Old skool techno, vocal niceties and some edgy deepness; it’s all relevant.  Good job on all three remixes.  Here’s Marc Romboy’s Devilfish Mix, which wins the tight battle among all the mixes to be featured as a preview here, on the grounds of his remix sharing the name of a professional poker player from Hull. (Mike)

Scarlett and the Pixels – Sea of LCD (Daniel Avery remix)
There’s nothing like discovering music that you missed first time round. These records then just take on a naive charm of their own whereby there’s a compulsion to go track it down  It makes you hopeful that when people look back on this time in 30 years time there’s still going to be stuff to plunder rediscover from this era too. But down to the music and less of the waffle… this little gem of remix from Mr Avery of Scarlett and the Pixels from back in 2011. I was drawn to this by a video of Ivan Smagghe playing this recently in some club or other via some social media or other… A no nonsense, heads down dark, smoke filled room with a supremely great synth line texturing the track. It is quite simply… ace.  

Emperor – Begin ft Georgia Yates 
Going for something different this week, I’ve been listening to a lot of house and garage recently so I’ve been making the effort the last couple of weeks to listen to something different. Released on Critical Music this EP by up and comer Emperor is delightful. I know that a lot of people wouldn’t really call drum and bass delightful but hey ho, that’s my opinion! I have a bit of a thing for vocals over d’n’b and the vocals in Begin compliment the track perfectly. I actually heard Radar played at Cable a while ago (obviously before it closed) and didn’t know who it was by but I’m glad I finally know now. (Jake)