We Actually Like… #16


Madteo – Dead Drop (When I Saw You That Night)
Listening to a mix by Madteo this year and reading its interview accompaniment I noted he was keen on blending flea-market flotsam with contemporary material. The fruits of that blend weren’t exactly pretty, with little synchronicity; a beat that faltered between selections. But it kept you guessing; how many fuck ups before it all unravels or whether (despite its offbeat match) you’d somehow lend your ear to the mess, forming new byways between tracks that weren’t ever meant to be perceived.

With Madteo’s ‘Noi No’ (released on Sakho, home to Jimi Tenor, Mike Vainio et al) there's the same sense of an engaging chaos. The most accessible; ‘Dead Drop (When I Saw You That Nite)’ eventually comes together but not before a stumble. It begins with attenuated, staggering signals, a deep amorphous hum and an incidental 303 delicately losing it. The hum stays and it’s easy to sink into, and then there’s the persistence of percussion, conventionally house, but with a clapped impact that’s cushioned, whilst all the while a subphonic, drawling, undone-baritone oozes some indecipherable come-on.
You can never really figure out what exactly they’re saying, but like of the rest of this track (and indeed, the album) its something you’re swept up in. You know the expression of the message is defective but you’re still nodding, in full assent. (Tim)

Mark Lanegan – Deep Black Vanishing Train (WhoMadeWho Version)
No idea where this sits and why I like it – maybe somewhere between Jonny Cash, some old slowed prog house monster, balearic blissed out sunshine and Alabama 3 – sounds horrific doesn't it? It should be… it's not. Part of a swapsie affair going on between the two and released on a red 7”, limited to 1111 copies. The hand numbered vinyl will be shipped in a custom made envelope that stress you should not open the package or play it before Christmas Day. All proceeds will be donated to AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL. Good stuff included as standard. Quite ace. Kompakt for president please. 

Inkswel -Do It
Unthank (the UNiversal THought ANd Knowledge foundation) has gained itself quite a reputation for its varied output  and the latest 10" from Inkswel will only reinforce that welcome preconception. Whilst the last release from Lord of Isles was largely a collection of ruminative atmospherics, Inkswel drags the label swiftly back onto the dancefloor with this slice of unashamedly 80s electro-funk that puts the soul back into machine-made music. Backed with 2 other cracking tracks and a remix from man of the moment Funkineven, this isn't one to miss. A special mention also has to be made for Mr. Levon Vincent and his surprise release of Stereo Systems on his own label, Novel Sounds, but I couldn't find audio of it! (Patrick)

Glass Candy – Miss Broadway
Over five years old, and rooted in the production aesthetic of late seventies/ early eighties disco – so, you know, not exactly fresh or breaking new ground. I've had this tune since it came out and always been a bit nonplussed, but recently I played it out for old times sake on quite a big system and realised just how much I like it, especially the last three minutes when it kicks into it's extended coda: That ascending italo bassline, those falling disco strings and the synth obligato over the top, with that reverbed out vocal – I could listen to that looped all day. (Joe)