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Panoram is a mysterious character of sorts. He lurks between the shadows crafting exploratory music which falls outwith the social norms of the electronic genre. Since 2014 he has released a collection of music on the likes of Firecracker and Origin Peoples as well as his own Wandering Eye imprint. Blending live instrumentation alongside woozy pads and rugged soundscapes he has crafted a particular sound which is hard to place or define, wandering between spaces if you will.

We invited him to talk us through his new release "The Question" which is forthcoming on Wandering Eye.

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The Question

It came up when I was preparing a set for a Boiler Room thing. I had those synthetic voices playing in loop for hours trying to find something that could go with them. Was trying to make something based on a dark minimal drum loop. I had this “atonal voices and drums” idea and was trying to program the 808 but It wasn’t sounding any good.At the time I just had bought the Minilogue and I was messing around with it.I came up with a couple of sounds I liked and the song took a whole melodic turn,It felt like the tone of those voices dictated me what the song was meant to be.Sometimes you just obey. It was all done jamming on that synth in a few minutes. All except the pano-fuzz-wahwah- sound which was played on the god ol’ ms-twenty.

Polyglot Dreaming

This is another one that started around something I prepared for a live show. It was a little thing at the Oval Space in London and this “pornish” chord progression came up as a little erotic interlude between two songs. Flying back home I had this thing stuck in my head and decided to record it. When I laid down the song I was trying to frame that “sexy” mood with more cheesy stuff and I realized I had some vocoder phrases recorded (vocoder is always cheesy If is not Gerald Donald using it).They came from a recording session I had at the Young Turks studio when I was living in London (thank you Nick).A completely unproductive session with the microkorg and their lovely vertical piano.It’s odd how things can work out with time though. It feels like you are working for your future self sometimes.The vocoder was saying “sex” and “this is sex”. Pretty lame but it totally made sense and the track was pretty much there. I finished it thanks to the coolest drum machine in the world. The Yamaha DD-14 (thank you Chiara).

Delete All

At the time I was recording some stuff with my friend Damon on his new Amen Dunes album and we were using the Minilogue a lot. At the end of one of ours endless sessions I had this unused patch I made on the synth and I started playing these two chords. I got trapped by the melancholic, ominous result and I recorded it and decided to build the music around those chords going on and on forever. All the other sounds were made on the Minologue too.

I like the fact that there’s no bass line on this one. Everything feels very suspended without it and I love that.

Ana Lyze

I recorded the it last winter when I was forced to stay in my flat for almost 3 months.

I was sick, could barely stand up and was passing my time in bed. I was not making any music for weeks. One day I stood up in pijama and decided to record something. I had this Fender Rhodes of a friend that was sitting at my place after some maintenance works and I started messing around with it. I didn’t have the energy to focus on something for a long time so the track came up simple and very fast. The fact that I was in my pijama probably explains the “dreamy” atmosphere of the whole thing. The song is built around one chord, a little bit like “Mute City Blues”, one of the very first things I made.The whispered vocals reflect perfectly what I was going through at the time, a total lack of energies.When I felt better I added that bridge with the bass guitar on it and finalize everything.

Orange Road ( ft. Izzy Rob)

This one was so much fun to record…I was in the studio with my friend Izzy and we were going on drinking beers and doing experiments with the doppler effekt on a beat of mine for the whole afternoon (Izzy didn’t have a job at the time). At some point he took out this little box and asked me for a mic. I gave it to him, he plugged it into this weird thing and asked me to record.He started screaming this solo while tweaking the knobs on this little evil box like a mad man. I was completely blowed away.It sounded like an heavily 

dyslexic crooner on expired drugs. Probably the best thing I would ever record in my life. 

Final crazy synth is a Roland SH-9.

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