Track By Track: Nate Connelly – Di Skyver


We'd be lying if we said that all of us here had been following Nate Connelly for years and were very big fans. That being said, now that we've been made aware of his work we'll be sure to keep an eye on it as his brand new album Di Skyver is a lovely LP that's sure to linger in all of your minds for some time to come. As the release drops on Blind Colour, we asked Nate to talk us through each track on the album by colour and season and let us know what inspired him to make it and what the ideal situation for listening to it in is;

Empty Intro

– Light Grey / White
– Winter
– The inspiration for this track was to provide a false sense of calm the rest of the album. The album is meant to be a musical interpretation of the year 2013 through 2014.
– In the studio / Public Transport on headphones / Alone

Di Skiver

– Deep Red
– Spring
– A perfect relationship gone bad. Fights. Frustrations.
– Stood on a bridge / a gigantic sound system in hell

Re-Arm Us

– Yellow
– Summer
– Complicated simplicity. Distractions.
– In the studio / In a club or headphones

Quit Sound

– Turquoise
– Summer
– Funk in odd time signatures. Disjointed. Something feeling good but not right.
– In the studio / In a club or headphones


– Dark Blue
– Autumn
– Freeforms, Aphex Twin, Squarepusher. Nightmares, bad feelings.
– In the studio / In a club or headphones

7842 Fire

– Red
– Summer
– Just playing around.
– In the studio / In a club or headphones


– Light yellow
– Summer
– Loss of people close. Moving forwards. Letting go.
– In the studio / Headphones


– Light Red
– Autumn
– The sadness that follows fighting with someone you love. Reflections. 
– In the studio / Public transport / Headphones

Welcome the Storm

– Purple
– Summer
– Just playing around. Having fun. Remembering better times.
– In a park on headphones

10 Zero

– Golden
– Spring
– The birth of my son
– Walking on the beach / Headphones late at night alone

Star Star

– Bright Blue
– Summer
– The birth of my son and my love for his mother
– In the studio / Headphones late at night alone.

Di Skyver is out now via Blind Colour.