Track By Track: Letherette – Last Night On The Planet


The tail end of last month saw Letherette release a new album 'Last Night On The Planet' on Ninja Tune. The album was their second to date, the first having been delivered some three years ago for Ninja Tune as well. In that time the pair have continued to draw upon wider influences whilst expanding on their production based knowledge and experimenting with a live show which has allowed them to travel across the world. We asked Letherette to take us through the release track by track…

"These tracks were made all over the world and some were produced many years ago… I've always had a fascination with being the last person on the planet (waking up one day and everyone's gone). It's probably to do with watching a film called 'Quiet Earth' as a young kid. With the album being called 'Last Night On The Planet’, I look at each track individually, each moment for a different person (smokers / headphone folk / dancers etc). The music is raw in its parts, samples are small and from a range of music / films, cut into tiny fragments to build melodies and patterns. Even midi scores were chopped and cut to generate new melodies and patterns, different styles / emotions connected."

Momma Feat Reijie Snow

Probably up there with the fastest tracks i’ve ever written. Made it the day before i was in the studio with Rejjie. Out of all the tracks we tried to lay stuff down on this one just came together with ease.

Rich and Dan

Super old track originally written years ago and recently re-produced and mixed, very early Letherette style of chopping records up.. reminds me of ‘In july” in terms of chopping and re-ordering. 


Processed this through an old Yamaha rack sampler, down sampled and re passed through the same process a few times, to give it that crunch. 


Started this track  years ago, but it came to life when passed through a valve eq and recorded on to cassett.. A good reminder to never give up on a track if you think it has something.

Dog Brush

Me and rich replayed this about 40 times while we got stoned, just laughing at it and just enjoying it. Started from a simple late night jam. Probably one of my favourite house tracks that i’ve written recently.

Bad Sign

Wanted something stripped and dry production wise to put jed and luicas vocals on.. More of an empty space thats  brought to life with the vocals.


A late night jam recorded in one take playing the samples on an MPC..Wanted to keep the arrange very simple. Processed through the sp 303.  


Dissecting samples to make melodies and rhythms, something i’m getting more interested in.  Recorded onto cassette a few times and re-master the recording.


A similar technique to soulette cutting samples up into tiny peaces and re-constructing them into something new. Took ages to get all the parts right and the correct pitching of each sample. Gave up on it 4 or 5 times before spending a whole day to getting it right.

Last Night

Odd sample , very gritty.. Made it mostly on the SP 303. Love how Pyramids Vox sounds like a strange instrument, you can only pick up on the odd words that come through.  With each listen i always hear new words and sentences. 

Grab the release HERE

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