Track By Track: Joe Goddard & Mixhell Feat. Mutado Pintado – Crocodile Boots


There are collaborations, and then there are COLLABORATIONS.

Joe Goddard and Mixhell have recently joined up with the infamous Mutado Pintado to bring you the magnificent 'Crocodile Boots'. Weird, wonky and wonderful the new EP is a whirlwind of eclectic sounds and dancefloor disorientation. The gruesome threesome decided to speak to us here at Ransom Note about the sounds featured in their new release. They guide us through the depths of 'Crocodile Boots' below…


"The fat sound of full on Roland System 100 runs the back ground of the encounter of a crazy American self ruled mad guy to a Brazilian bucolic mom. He clearly does not understand her, and praises his own manners. An unique electronic autoharp sounds takes over the “guitar solo” parts while drums and percussion rage in front." – Mixhell

"It's all about taking what you can while no-ones looking. Like selling ketchup popsicles to white glove wearing woman. Hit first, ask questions later" – Mutado Pintado


"Poetry about everyday life, our kids, families and friends top up strong toms striding along a beautiful arpeggio synth sound. One thing us four (Joe, Mutado, Iggor and Laima) have in common, is being parents, being musicians, looking for a beautiful life as close as possible to our loved ones. This is what 'Familiar Faces'  is about." – Mixhell

“Sounds like looking at your family photo album on good ecstasy.” – Joe Goddard


"Could easily be a techno track if not for the massive rock beat Iggor brings to it. Unexpected percussion and backing vocals also bring another taste for this unique schizophrenic experience while, in portuguese, Laima tells us that 'thoughts are as frail as rainbows'." – Mixhell

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