Track By Track: Benjamin Brunn – Plastic Album


As a producer few are able to enchant with as much mystique as Mr. Brunn. Since the late nineties his musical output has remained vast yet focused, it is as if it is in his DNA to create, to build, to reflect. Such reflection is present in his latest album which is set for release on Third Ear Recordings. Titled 'Plastic Album' there is a pensive back story to the release which sees Benjamin Brunn explore the very nature of his own existence and consumption whilst on planet earth. The release sees him take a different approach to that which featured upon releases for the likes of Smallville and Kimochi in recent years. He takes us through it's meaning below, track by track…

"The music on this album is a digestion of my mid-30s life, which was characterised by the consumption of too many plastic products and plastic caught in my body, whether it was in fish, salt, water or tooth paste. Even the taste of certain highly condensed music in connection with vinyl plastics caused malaise in my fingers, heart and ears. 

The Plastic Album therefore contains contaminations from sources other than myself. However, I can assure you that the digestive process which the hazardous input went through was carried out with extreme care, aiming for sustainability and individuality. The longer the digestion, the more significant the music becomes as a side product of one's body acting as a filter and cleaner of the world from harmful plastics. The longer the music is digested, the bigger is the impact of the individual creator or consumer. Therefore, also the listener to the Plastic Album is a cleaner, filter and digester."


The main parts of the title track were already audible on my Live at Golden Pudel record. For the Plastic version I added fatter beats and the addition of an arresting synth arpeggio sequence, starting halfway through the track. I like this wild second half, it makes me think of blood running through veins, changing direction every now and then. Unfortunately, it is contaminated with plastics.

I am not ill

This track happened when I was struck down with a sickness. My body was weak and so was my mind. I blame the pollution of my body by plastics. I felt depressed and all I could express was sadness. However, the sound also contains a considerable amount of hope.

Young & Flashy

During the process of digesting my musical works I had already disregarded this track for the Plastic Album. However, I had sent it to Guy MyCreery of Third Ear and he had final decision on the track selection, so it's in. I trust him to make the right choice.


Dani is dedicated to the most important person of my life. Together we decided to replace the plastic hazardous flooring in our flat and exchange all plastic kitchen utentils with glass and ceramic utensils. The music sounds like we are throwing out old plastic equipment and putting glasses on the shelves. Occasionally you can hear glass breaking, the downside of the improvement.

Developers Live

This track was previously released on the first Dérive record in 2009. It is a live recording from a gig at Smouss Bar in Brussels in 2004. Later on I only overdubbed the kick drum. I have now dedicated this track to Edward McKeithen aka Jus-Ed. He will know why.

Raider not Twix

It wants to say "everything was better in the old times". For those who don't know: The chocolate bar Twix was called Raider in mainland Europe for many years before its name was changed in 1991. 


Springers has a strong connection to wind. When you listen to it during wind or storm, it unfolds its full capabilities. It's the wind of change to a better world.


I have had the pleasure to play at Freerotation Festival twice. The first time was in 2013 when I dropped this track. The recording is not from the festival, but from a studio session a couple of days later. Freero 2013 also marks the beginning of the Plastic Album project.

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