Sutja’s Metaphysical Circus #5


Dave Bixby – Ode To Quetzalcoatl (1969)

Some say that to pray is to let go. Well, I’m not Christian but I believe that there is so much more than a god out there, something bigger that our minds will never understand. 

Sometimes bad experiences become a starting point that makes you feel more spiritual, real and sincere to yourself.

Ode To Quetzalcoatl is the first solo album by the magical Dave Bixby.

In 1968, Dave took too many acid trips and felt like he was in hell with no way to escape or communicate.

A few months later his guitar player Brian Macinness introduced him to Don Degraff – aka Sir – the leader of “The Group”, a Christian cult from
Grand Rapids, Michigan.

He started to pray at home and felt that something was changing inside of him. He felt quite better emotionally and he knew what to say to give
comfort to other people with similar problems.

He started writing new songs and performing every Tuesday night at The Group's meetings. People started becoming interested in his music and he was asked many times to record an album. Then, he decided to record his first album Ode To Quetzalcoatl. One day, he gave two reel to reel tapes and the artwork to a Christian business man. Thirty days later, 1000 copies of the album arrived. The album was sold and promoted by The Group to raise money.

In the late sixties, LSD became a serious problem for an entire generation. The western intelligence community and the military saw it as a potential chemical weapon and started a series of experiments with humans.

Using the drugs to escape from the problems of society became a normal thing. Cults and movements saw it as an opportunity to reach more people and recruit their own devotee army.

The perfect recipe:

A man’s lonely journey to reality (sad reality) accompanied by Quetzalcoatl, the benevolent friend and protector of mankind. Charles Manson, Albert Hofmann and Timothy Leary join forces high up in the mountain, laughing hard and smiling while reinterpreting The Garden Of Earthly Delights.

Dr. Timothy Leary once said:

"Don't take LSD unless you are very well prepared, unless you are specifically prepared to go out of your mind. Don't take it unless you have someone that's very experienced with you to guide you through it. And don't take it unless you are ready to have your perspective on yourself and your life radically changed, because you're gonna be a different person, and you should be ready to face this possibility."

And remember to tell yourself (everyday) that you’re not a fraud. Positivity is in every situation no matter how bad you feel. Be sensitive and spiritual. Feel free to speak up and share your problems/thoughts to other people. Enjoy the benefits of talking.

God bless Albert Hofmann.