Sutja’s Metaphysical Circus #17


hey little smurf,
take a shower 
your attitude stinks, 
face the giant
like a dead genus Jynx
I loved her
more than she 
a round of drinks
well defined
Don sings
turn off the fire
my heart sinks
face the giant
pom pom’s 
the ugliest colors 
your brain
your agent 
your lover 
they all look 
the same
a bunch of old taiwan 
a little sphinx
a singular collar
turn up the lights
the most glorious 

–  “Face The Giant” by Sutja Gutierrez.


Song: Objeto Sim, Objeto Nao by Gal Costa

Comment: Holy Gal! In this piece you can hear psych-tropicalism at his best. Gal Costa is one of my favorite Brazilian artists and this album, released in 1969, it's a pure metaphysical experience in every sense of the word. 

Song: Stand Alone by Maypole  

Comment: If you're a sentimental beast, this is your kind of piece. When I first heard this song I thought – “By George, that was something!”. I don't know much about the band. I think they're from Baltimore.

Song: Diana by Comus

Comment: A tale of pure madness. The name of the band was taken from John Milton's masque “A Mask Presented at Ludlow Castle”, where you can find a character called Comus – inspired by the god of revelry Komos, son of Dionysos. This band from Kent made his album “First Utterance” back in 1971. 

Song: Spanish Sun by Sunbirds

Comment: Everyone knows about the curative properties of the sun. The Sun is everything. Momma sun. I recommend listening to this song while you take a good cup of fresh Rueda under the Spanish Sun. Holy-days.

Song: Saturday Thought by Bob Edmund

Comment: I discovered this precious thing from a beautiful compilation made by Paul Major called Feel The Music Vol.1 released a few weeks ago on Anthology Records. This is taken from a private pressing of Bob Edmund's “I See No Colors” – the initial cover of this album was censored, check what the cover says.

Song: Zuti list by Drugi Nacin

Comment: Previously Novi Akordi. They're from Zagreb and they sound like an army of evil octopuses playing mad mad music. This one is taken from their homonimous album. Go check em'!

Song: Down By The River by Daybreak

Comment: I have to thank Guerssen Records for sending me this one. Daybreak is New York band formed by students, the band was previously called Identical Stranger. Only 400 copies were made back in 1971.


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