Influences: Riton


Henry Riton has spent the last decade-and-a-half-plus years quietly become one of the UK’s strongest producers. He’s made a career from forging unlikely alliances between pop music and electronic left turns, along the way covering everything from head-nodding hip hop to electroclash covers of new wave classics, to full throttle techno. In many ways he’s a pop producer as we thought pop producers were always meant to be; music fanatics who are constantly striving for disruptive new ways to express timeless emotions. Currently Riton is on chart bothering form – his current single Rinse & Repeat has just had a reissue from Ministry of Sound. Its been playlisted by Radio 1, after finding itself perched atop the Beatport 100 over New Years Eve. As we write this, the mid-week chart update reports he’s broken into the official UK Top 10. Here it is –

It’s fair to say things are going well.  Anyone who comes to Riton following the success of Rinse & Repeat will likely be in for a surprise – he’s as likely to follow it with a piece of thunderous techno, or some intricate footwork freak out as he is to produce a slightly weaker carbon copy. This musical broad mind is reflected in his influences, which take in Jodorowsky’s psyche freak out masterpiece The Holy Mountain, LFO’s vicious techno skullcrusher Freak and the ethereal cut ups of Eno & Byrne’s My Life in the Bush of Ghosts.

He’s out on tour in March – no doubt the dates are going to be a lot fuller now he’s a chart star… Catch him at one of the below

11.03 – Kudos, Aylesbury

11.03 – O2 Academy, Bristol 

12.03 – Ministry Of Sound, London

15.03 – Switch, Southampton

18.03 – Space, Leeds

19.03 – Tank, Sheffield

24.03 – Reading Rooms, Dundee

25.03 – SWG3, Glasgow

26.03 – Sankeys, Manchester

Beastie Boys Interview Japan

I love the beastie boys but not as much as I love how good they are at being dragons

  • Beastie Boys Interview Japan

    I love the beastie boys but not as much as I love how good they are at being dragons

  • The Holy Mountain (1973), A. Jodorowsky - Trailer

    This blew my tiny mind, I love when the film you watch leaves you asking questions after the event

  • Brian Eno & David Byrne My Life In The Bush Of Ghosts (Extra Tracks - Full Album

    It’s easy to see Brian Eno’s influence on modern music, from his early days in Roxy music to his ambient experimental solo work to making Coldplay a credible band. But it was the madness and sound design of My Life in The Bush of Ghosts which really captured what was possible for me for producing.

  • All Star Video (1984) Part 1

    Nam June Paik with Ryuichi Sakamoto – amazing combo

  • Marrs - Pump Up The Volume

    This big crossover hit for me growing up as a young Newcastle whippersnapper which started turning my ears to this 4/4 stuff

  • Public Enemy - Night Of The Living Baseheads (Dope Version)

    One of the original sampling kings. this made me buy my first emu sampler

  • Holger Czukay - Cool In The Pool (Pv 1979)

    Lets get cool in the pool – love the samples in this too – best song for the summer

  • Lfo "Freak", High Quality Version

    Turned me back on to club bangers!

  • Neu! ''Hallogallo''

    Best track ever??

  • Kraftwerk Autobahn Full

    Ah no wait this is – in its full 22 min glory!