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Xalapa, the town where I was born, and where I always try to go back to as much as possible, is surrounded by many other small villages, each with their own special charming features. Nowadays, when I go there, I stay in La Pitaya, which is outside of the city in a green area that makes it the perfect place to relax. 

Having friends come over to visit is one of my favourite things, and showing them around is a great pleasure for me. There's such a variety of landscapes, views, flavours and items you can explore in each place, which makes it always interesting for them to enjoy. After giving the little tour of my favourite places to Superpitcher when he came to visit for the first time, not only did I rediscover them, but since then it became a tradition for me to visit them even more often and show them to other people, like Sascha (Funke) and Julienne (Fantastic Twins) over the next years. 

The closest to Pitaya is Coffeetown (Coatepec), a charming place in which you can smell the roasted coffee from the moment you arrive. Great coffee is produced here and there are amazing places in the city centre to drink it. 

On the way to Mexico City heading up to the mountains and about 50 minutes away from Xalapa, you’ll reach Cheese Town (La Joya), a tiny pueblo next to the road that specializes in producing great artisanal cheeses. Once you’re there it is a must to make a stop at “Dario”, an open grill restaurant with the simplest food and the greatest taste. 

In the mountains, if you take a little detour, there you’ll discover Boottown (Naolinco). A tiny community totally dedicated to shoemaking. Most of them specialize in creating boots – so many kinds of shapes, colours and materials! Even custom-made orders are accepted.

Visiting those special places became a tradition for Aksel and I, and since we enjoyed them so much they inspired us for the story of our first album “We Are Really Sorry”. When we put together all the elements in that record, we decided to have a narrator, so we asked Julienne if she would be so kind. We had two versions of each recording so we decided to make them double. We liked the result very much and in our heads it was not Julienne narrating our story – it was two cool twisted sisters! The Fantastic Twins were born.

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