Flash Atkins Fanzine # 6


Flash Atkins was once a superhero but is now a drug addicted, alcoholic loser living in a camper van in a field in West Yorkshire. How did it happen? His story will be told in this 11 part series; from being dumped in a netto bag on the doorstep of an orphanage to inventing house music in the Hacienda and building a drug empire before it all came crashing down.

In the sixth instalment, Flash suffers the effects of mischief and paranoia…

Here's the soundtrack to this week's adventure:

There are 100 numbered fanzines designed by Clandestino’s Nick Smith and if you want one they can be found in certain record shops along with Flash’s latest 12” with mixes from The Emperor Machine, Steve Cobby and B.G.Baarregaard.

His latest EP Acid House Creator is out now with mixes from Ralph Myerz, Tal M.Klein & 2 Billion Beats.

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