Audio Love 5.08.2015


Henry Wu – Good Morning Peckham EP (Rhythm Section International)

Bradley Zero’s Rhythm Section International is really picking up some pace at the moment and they’re just about ready to drop their latest EP, this time with local boy Henry Wu showing off his wares. Rhythm Section is really a label after my own heart, as they flick between local acts and international talent as quickly as they flit between genres. They have ambition by the bucket load and I really like that.

So this latest cut follows in the genre-bending vein that RS have established so far. Henry eases us through 6 tracks of beautifully downtrodden house and broken rhythms with heavy inflections of jazz, R&B, soul and hip-hop. From the breadth of the material and the sometimes criminally short track lengths I reckon this guy is calling out to do a full length LP and what a lovely album that would be. While this is most definitely a complete and cohesive package I get the feeling this is just the tip of the iceberg and we can expect big things from this cat. Great release.

Out soon on wax 

DJ Spider & Marshallito – Contest for Supremacy (The Trilogy Tapes)

The Trilogy Tapes are a pretty diverse label and not every release hits the spot for me but this one, oh boy, definitely gets it right on the nose. I’m a huge fan of DJ Spider and he’s back with his sometime production buddy Marshall Hansen A.K.A. Marshallito for a three tracker that takes in a nice range of territory. We have brutish, raw techno, we have warm and ramshackle African (I think) percussion and vocal samples, we have soothing pianos, and we also have more abstract and, quite frankly, confusing territory too. The execution is fucking masterful, and it’s well worth checking out.

Out now on wax 

Ikpathua – Tape Paranoia (Noorden)

Noorden is a Cologne based label specialising in their own brand of weird but pleasing electronic sounds and they’re just getting ready to drop this lovely long player from one of the gents behind the Bokhari and SORN labels under the moniker Ikpathua. I was first put on to Noorden via the lovely Marx Trukker album that surfaced a while back and this latest cassette/digi release is just as strong.

Over the course of the 8 tracks, Ikpathua completely immerses you in his hazily imagined aural landscape. There are lovely, sparse atmospheres and warm textures but there are also some nice dancefloor moments too. I especially like “Swamp” which kicks off the B-Side. Slow and brooding, we’ve got a solid rhythm with half-heard dubby delays ricocheting off around your head. One thing I would say is that it’s a big shame for this excellent collection of tracks not to see the light of day on wax. There’s an extremely limited run of 50 tapes (I don’t think I know one person with a tape player) and a digi release which I hope gets the reach it deserves. Anyway, enough of my personal gripes, this is an excellent release and well worth investing in.

Out soon – preorder from their bandcamp here

Wil's "Look I only wrote something cos Europe was berating me. I know you don't give a shit if I'm here or not." One Liners

Loose Meat – Inside The Sun

Analog synths and a carnival of percussion from this rather secretive of new side projects. Excited for more. 

MS90 –  Broke Loop

This very amiable bloke with a beard has been in the office a few times interning with someone who has a desk in this here office. He sent me his new compilation. This one made me feel calm…

Lord of the Isles – Old MIx Innit Bruv

Well old this bruv but who cares, it's a gert lush mix. Hey shut up, you're not my music mum I don't have to always be listening to what the kids listened to yesterday.

Wil probably won't be back next week knowing him… thank god