Audio Love 30.10.14


Damiano Von Erckert feat. Peven Everett – All About Lovin Me (AVA)

You don’t find me writing about much “soulful” house here in Audio Love but that doesn’t mean I’m not fond of beautiful, vocal lead, house music when it’s done well. It’s often easy for critics to dismiss this end of the spectrum but a release like this really proves how special it can be. Cologne based Damiano Von Erckert has teamed up with Peven Everett who’s track with Roy Davis Junior “Gabrielle” plus countless other joints has made him the most important male singer in house music other than perhaps Robert Owens. To top this off the in form Max Graef has been brought in on remix duties to make this a very impressive package indeed.

We kick off with the title track which opens off with some lovely rhodes chords and Peven’s soft as silk voice. Underpinning this is a warm, growling bassline and nice, rolling drums. The track is a very classy affair indeed. Next up is the “4 O’Clock. You Are In A Club Mix” which does exactly what it says on the tin really. More functional, more driving but lacking a little bit of the sparkle of the original. On the flip we’ve got “Diamonds and Girls” which is a loose, bouncy house number. Next up is “A Lot Of Love” which is a nice, wooly hip hop outing. Finally the Max Graef mix of “All About Loving Me” takes the original into much rougher territory. This has Max’s classic wonky timing, broken rhythms, mangled funk samples and unpredictable percussion. This is a great package, and I’ll definitely be playing both the original and Max’s remix. Quality.

Out on 15th November on wax



Kassem Mosse – Workshop 08 (Workshop)

I have quite a few Workshop records and, having just dug them all out, it seems that most of the ones I gravitate towards are buy this guy. I’ve missed a lot of them first time around but the Berlin label thankfully don’t subscribe to silly “no repress” rules and just want to get their music out to as many people as possible. So I was very chuffed to find out that this had repressed their 8th release, which happens to be one of the best records Kassem has put out to date. The A side sees him at his hypnotic best. Simple, understated rhythm section and a beguiling synth line that softly works its way into your consciousness and just won’t let you go. On the flip he starts off with taking things very slow and dirty which is a common feature of his records. Maybe 100bpm, straight up chugging weirdness. For the last track he brings up the tempo again for a lovely, sparse number with a plodding, plaintive bassline that has just a slight edge of melancholy. This is a great record and you should buy it while you can.

Out now on wax 


Zeitgeber and L.B. Dub Corp – V 5 Years of Stroboscopic Artifacts (Stroboscopic Artifacts)

In 5 years Stroboscopic artifacts have cemented their place as a lynchpin of the techno world. To celebrate half a decade they’ve putting out a series of commemorative releases and this is number two. Zeitgeber is a collaboration of Dutch techno legend Speedy J and label boss Lucy and their track “Totemism” exudes all of the quality you’d expect from these two. It’s restrained but potent, weaving bell-like textures with slowly evolving drums. L.B. Dub Corp is a fantastic side project of Luke Slater. I’ll always have a soft spot for this man as I first met my wife watching him at Atomic Jam many moons ago. So romantic. His offering here “Take it Down Again” is about as wrong as you’d expect from him. There’s a weird, high pitched crackle through out the whole thing overlaying wonky synth bloops and a deep, throbbing rhythm section.

Out 3rd November on wax and digi

Wil's One Liners

Radioactive Man – Mechanical Music Menace – Reinhardt

Well thank fk for Radioactive Man eh?! New EP sounding incredible and this is the choice cut from there. But they're all ace. Excited to have him back filling ears again.

Radioactive Man – 'Mechanical Music Menace… by brtvofficial