Audio Love 27.11.14


Apiento & Co – E.S.P. / The Light (Golf Channel)

Golf Channel have a habit of dropping a load of ace releases all at once. Fuck planning out release schedules and whatnot, when they’ve got the goods they just drop that shit on the public. So I’m obviously excited by this latest crop and it’s Apiento & Co’s excellent EP that I’m picking out here. Two original tracks of lush, warm synths washing over you plus a lovely remix from LEXX which has a bassline so pleasing I don’t quite know what to do with myself when I hear it. Be sure to check this release out, and also take a butchers at the others that have dropped recently too. If there’s nothing in there that takes your fancy then you’re dead to me.

Out now 

Red Royalty – Spirit (Second Voyage)

This is a lovely little find! Swedish producer Red Royalty has just stared Second Voyage and this second release is very nice three tracker indeed. The release consists of three tracks of very tasty techno veering from the rolling sounds of  “Spirit”, to the more meaty “El Toro” and finally the more pensive “Paleocene”. This is a great package and all three will be getting some play. Look out for this label in the future!

Out 1st December on wax


Chaos in the CBD – Trial Rider (Clek Clek Boom)

I picked up this lovely white label the other day by the ever-excellent Chaos in the CBD on the French imprint Clek Clek Boom. This is proper, stripped back, no messing material and I’m a huge fan. Grab a copy while you can.

Out now on wax

Roman Poncet – Walfisch EP (Arts Collective)

The third release on Arts Collective records is top fucking drawer. Roman Poncet delivers two heavy slices of techno but they’re no mindless beasts. “Walfisch” is a fast, punishing number but with such energy to it you just can’t help but be excited to listen to it. “Afterglow” feels more austere and has a more dreamy aspect but it’s still a big hitter. These two on their own would make this well worth purchasing but if you factor in a relentless Rob Hood mix of “Walfisch” plus a dreamy interpretation of “Afterglow” by Psyk then I think we’re onto a winner. Ace stuff.

Out 8th December on wax and digi

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Wil's One Liners…

Discordance – Tarantism – Nein

This one gets my sexy time this week. A "percussive analogue synth heavy track that" it is. Great atmosphere, will cause some serious strobe action I'd imagine. Skills.

Sau Poler – For NYC