Audio Love 16.03.16


Various Artists – I’m Starting to Feel OK Vol.7 (Mule Musiq)

Mule Musiq is a very special label, hailing from Japan and probably doesn’t need too much introduction to the readers of this column. They have been relentlessly consistent in pushing forward thinking electronic music for the best part of a decade and this steady stream of goodness seems in no danger of drying up. Their compilation series “I’m Starting to Feel OK” is about to make it’s 7th rebirth with a staggering 20+ tracks of awesome music spread across a variety of formats bringing in new collaborators and old friends of the label alike.

The keys to this compilation are variety, color, and enthusiasm, all of which are evident in spades. Whether it be the warm hypnotic pulses of Aril Brikha and Sebastian Mullaert’s “Illuminate”, the depth and warmth of Fred P’s “Days in Time” or the low slung groove of Source81’s “Make it Move” there’s a great breadth to this collection but a coherence too. Also “Dresscode” by DJ Jenifa (Gold Panda) is something to behold.

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Red Rack’Em – Wonky Bassline Disco Banger (Bergerac)

Oh boy, it doesn’t get much better than this. Red Rack’Em’s imprint Bergerac has been on a bit of a hiatus of late but he’s back with a bang with possibly the funkiest, most danceable record of Y2K16 so far. Oh and possibly the best name for a track that will be achieved this decade.The initial run sold out in just 48 hours but fear not, there's digital coming on the 21st March and a repress on the way for 4th April. 

WBDB takes up the A Side and it does exactly what it says on the tin. Loop driven disco goodness but with what can only be described as a wonky bassline slapped on top. It’s incongruous, slightly jarring; it totally shouldn’t work. But it does. A lot. Over on the flip we have “Jazzy House Extension” and “Destined” which are a brace of lovely, interesting, sample heavy house tracks, which won’t quite get the attention they deserve right now seeing as they have such a show off older brother on the other side. But their time will come. Some day down the line you’ll think – "I wonder what’s on the B Side" – and find two awesome cuts in their own right.


Waitress – Copy 1 (Tape Archive)

This is the second vinyl release from Tape Archive and it’s well worth checking out.  The label was born off the back of a Youtube channel and seems to focus on pushing quality house music that’s a little bit different, and without the absence of emotional content or substance that’s hugely lacking in a lot of music today.

We kick off on the a side with A1. which manages to do clattering percussion without being a cacophonous mess. Add to that wistful chord stabs and a feeling of joy and you’re about there. Over on the b side we have B1, which is a more disjointed affair, with the keys adding melancholy this time, not overt joy. Bringing things to a close is B2, which keeps the melancholic feel but this time the mood is heads down, let’s dance. A lovely release from a label you should definitely get to know.


Skee Mask – Shred (Ilian Tape)

Ilian Tape continue to go from strength to strength, putting out an unrelenting stream of out-of-this-world techno. If you follow them regularly then Skee Mask won’t be a new name to you, having already dropped two EPs with them already. He’s just dropped an awesome full length, the second on the label, and it really takes his productions to the next level and beyond. Weaving its way through ambient wig outs, emotive electronica, breakbeats and more full bodied techno work outs this album has a lot to say for itself. But not too much if you take my meaning. Everything sits together nicely, and it’s a proper “start to finish” job. Hats off for this one – especially for the cheeky breaks that made me dig out my copy of “Pearl's Girl”.