Audio Love 14.4.16


Oliver Ho – Burning Heretics (Blueprint)

Oliver Ho, veteran of the UK techno scene, has long been a favourite of mine. Ever since watching him rip apart Atomic Jam in Brum as an impressionable youth I've been an avid follower of his music in all of his many guises. We even had him guest editing this no-good internet rag not so long ago too. Ever the shape-shifter, Ho's output has spanned numerous monikers and touched on lots of different genres but he's always brought a rawness and energy to them. Whether it be his house project Birdland, his industrial excursions as Broken English Club or his relentless techno under his own name, you can spot one of his productions a mile off. So when I saw his first release as Oliver Ho in years I was naturally a little bit excited.

James Ruskin's Blueprint records is also something of a veteran of the techno scene and they're currently celebrating 20 years in the game. They were responsible for many of Ho's early releases so it's good to see them collaborating once again. This isn't just a case of boring nostalgia for techno granddads though. This EP offers up rattling, hypnotic techno with exquisitely crafted sound pallets that, as the title would suggest, draws on dark mythology to set the tone.


Bruce – Steals (Hessle Audio)

So far as heavyweights go both Bruce and Hessle audio are up there with the big boys and girls. Bruce has only a handful of releases to his name but it’s all about quality not quantity when it comes to his nonconformist output. This latest release dropped on Hessle a month ago and the wax has predictably sold out but the digi is available from their Bandcamp. Three cuts off exquisitely crafted, dark as fuck electronic madness. Intense but not hectic, the sounds on offer will melt your mind. If you want peak time bangers then maybe keep strolling but if you are looking for a little bit more, then this is definitely for you.


Various Artists – Smugglers Inn Voyage 3 (Smugglers Inn)

Red Rack'Em has just dropped the third release on his Smugglers Inn label and it's pure fuego. Bringing together 4 different artists that nicely compliment each other and bring a nice selection of different dancefloor moods to the table. Cyclonix brings deep chug and a lovely, rounded bassline; Jimi Oh weaves lovely colors around a tight 909 rhythm; Nubian Minds splashes powerful, deep chords all over the shop and Tommy Rawson brings the jazz. Top stuff all round.



Various Artists – Disco Mantras Vol 1. (Mood Hut)

A slight change in direction here from the mighty Mood Hut as the Canadian label tries its hand at a compilation. Disco Mantras Vol 1. sees them bringing together a collection of artists with a focus on warm, downtempo goodness and the results are very good indeed. Mood Hut have become a much hyped label for doing what they do very well so it’s nice to see them branching out somewhat. That said, all the tracks have that same warm sunshine feel that make them fit in with the rest of the MH catalogue effortlessly. Bravo.