Audio Love 12.08.16


Hidden Spheres – Well Well (Rhythm Section)

The pool-hall mafia are back with another fantastic release, this time from Tom Harris, AKA Hidden Spheres. I first stumbled across Mr Spheres' music via his excellent release on Distant Hawaii a year or so ago and so was keen to check this latest offering on the SE London staple. The result is a very pleasing EP of inviting, unhurried house music and it's definitely worth checking out.

We kick off with “Well Well” which is a bright, sunny cut that focuses on a simple chord change sprinkled with easy percussion and the odd tasty little vocal snip. Next up we have the slow and sultry “Too Soon” before we move into the laid back percussion of “Sleeping Eyes”. Over on the flip we have “Your Effect” which is a heads down kind of a record, still with a warm feel but a lot more weight behind the drums. Finally we have the low key hip hop of “Land” which brings this excellent EP to a fitting close.


Magic Mountain High – Spacepod (Future Times)

Any release from MMH is worth paying attention to, and this upcoming 12” on Max D's Future times is a beauty and no mistake. The live project from Juju & Jordash and David Moufang takes things into the trippier end of the house-techno continuum, and the quality of production and general vibe is always strong. This latest release hinges around some silly vocals a bit like the sped up voices from Bumblebee Unlimited only stoned out of their little minds. These whimsical follies are underpinned by lazy, meandering grooves and sparkles that make for a pleasing and immersive listen. 

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Broken English Club – Myths of Steel and Concrete (Death and Leisure)

Oliver Ho is a big favourite round these parts and it's very exciting to see that he's launching a new imprint, with it's first release showcasing his Broken English club project. Heavy, unsettling industrial is the order of the day. Churning machine music that revels in confrontation and intensity. While the cacophony of noise is all encompassing, there's a precision and logic to the sound design and it's very effective indeed. Well worth checking, but definitely not one for the warm up set.



I'm a huge fan of Soundstream and he's just dropped 3 represses that, if you missed these records first time around, you should definitely not sleep on now. This guy has a very simple approach to music, but no one can match him. Pounding, funky as hell house music that takes a disco loop and destroys you with it. Body and soul. Julie's Theme, Good Soul and Live Goes On all up for grabs once again. Off you go!



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