Audio Love #1


You know how sporadic and all over the place we can be at times? Oh what you hadn't noticed?! Should've kept quiet! 
Anyway, the time has come to condense all our weeky outporings of love for aural delights into one place. Europe's Singles Club was the cream of all semana love… and he will lead the pack on this again but we'll all pitch in as and when things float our boat. This week as a thank you to Mr Europe's dedication since he's been with us we've dedicated the whole piece to him with Headless Ghost, Ooff & Dujin & Douglas. That and we couldn't find any internet earlier to work out if we liked anything today…Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.


Headless Ghost 77 ep (Tamed Recordings)


Ripperton keeps forging ahead with his new all hardware project Headless Ghost. I first picked up on this new alias of his with his recent outing on Clone and here he continues to develop with this release comprising of 3 tracks names 11, 22 and 44 (see they all add up to 77 thats some crazy numerology shit right there). While all three tracks have a cohesive sound to them each takes a slightly different direction, going from tight but forward thinking for 11, open, unashamed house for 22 and finally brash and discordant for 44. (Joe Europe)


Out on wax and digi late November



Ooft The Twilight Zone (Foto Recordings)


The master of heavy weight, slowed down house music, Ooft , drops a new 12 on his own label Foto Recordings. The Twilight Zone is a pitched down jam of the highest order centering around the classic I cant quite understand Robert Owens sample that just keeps on giving. This is backed up with Money for old Rope which is a serene house cut focusing on a perfectly put together analogue rhythm section and silky chords. The EP is rounded off with the arpeggios and clattering rhythms of Against the Tide. (Joe Europe)


Out first November, digi only



Duijn & Douglas Do Maar Diep EP (Tact)

The dutch duo of Esther Duijn and Steady Douglas (Mark de Winter) team up with northern imprint Tact for this 4 tracker of  quality house music. The EP kicks off with the pulsating, filtered rhythm of Zucht Nog Eens which slowly opens up over the course of almost 10 minutes, eventually being augmented by a loopy organ groove.


The muted aesthetic is carried through the EP. From the opener we move on to the low key deepness of Noorderlicht, the stripped down, upfront rework by LIHXZ and the more classic feel of MMF.


Wax out now, digi out on 20th November


 (Joe Europe)