Audio Love #07


Lotta, lotta love this week… Europe, let's begin: 

Various Artists LHT006 (London Housing Trust)

London Housing Trust are a label you can rely on. Faceless, no frills, underground house music without compromise. I picked up on them first back on release number two and theyve been pretty darned consistent ever since. This release sees them bringing together Jamie Blanco, ASOK (fresh from an ace release on M>O>S Deep), Alphons and Prima and the results are very impressive. This is music for dark, sweaty basements. Rough and bouncing, heads down. 
Lets go. 
Coming soon on wax. No clips yet but keep your ears peeled. 
Chez Damier I Never Knew (MK & Carl Craig Remixes) (KMS)
I was already excited at the prospect of seeing the Chez Damier at Dance Tunnel at the end of March but then I notice that theres a re-issue of the Carl Craig mix of I Never Knew coming out. I mean the original is an absolute classic dont get me wrong but Carls mix (yeah were on first name terms) is off the scale. I loved this record for years before even knowing what it was. 
Christopher Rau Mehris Mood (Smallville)
Hamburgs finest export Smallville Records ready their next release from long term friend of the label Christopher Rau. This ones maybe a little less colorful than a lot of his productions but focuses on deeper, more chuggy end of his spectrum. The two more dancefloor focused offerings of Mehris Mood and Friends are nicely offset by the broken, moody hip hop of Cherry Jams. (all from the fine virtual pen of Joe Europe)
Out 24th March on wax and digi.


Kassem Mosse Workshop 19 Workshop

By the time you read this you've probably seen or heard that the ever-steadfast Kassem Mosse has his latest album on the shelves. Don't be put off by the hype, this really does deserve it (and maybe the wait and sudden appearance at Hardwax helped a bit with that quasi-hysteria). On first listen it comes across as slightly disjointed in conception (so being on 2×12 format is useful for DJs) but with repeated listening the pieces jigsaw together and the producer's organic vision becomes apparent. Ranging from Predisolened Nightrider themes, psychedelic Turkic evocations, techno-bluesy suicide-by-inches and tortured late-night Liebelieds, Kassem Mosse takes us on a wonderously raw sojourn into dark places that abound with forbidden pleasures. An absolute must-have for leftfield lovers. Do not sleep on this cos if you blink they'll all be on discogs for silly money in no time. (Joe Bonez)


The Citizen's Band Smalltown Blues EP Tasteful Nudes

More well known for his work as half of Arto Mwambe, Christian Beisswenge's solo journey as The Citizen's Band makes inroads into more and more record bags. This release on the Tasteful Nudes side-label of LWE's Argot imprint bookends an Italo-esqe workout on the cinematic Freefall with the sleazey-eazy slurp of Smalltown Blues, while Disrupted's wonky morning-after techno segues into Eddy's Theme's joyful modular-boogie. All four tracks take their time to reach apex, so this is not the most immediately dancefloor friendly EP out there (though to the right heads every track on here will work a treat), but in our hectic and attention deficit times who really wants that when investing in a slice of vinyl?


Miles Sagnia Aeration LP Atmospheric Existence Recordings


AER is one of those UK labels consistently percolating depth, soul and spirituality into quality, un-hypemachined techno-soul. Label-boss Miles Sagnia takes the reins for the label's first trek into the realm of the long-player and rather than taking a formulaic linear approach the course of the album follows the upland path evoked by the album artwork, rising and dipping as nature intends to reach the summit. From the laid-back, hypnotic warmth of Dream State and BQ2's meandering jazzy introversion through to the starkly acidic post-industrialism evident in Aetherius and the soaring, sea-blown crescendo that underpins Drifting To The Echoes Of The Spirit the whole opus bridges Miles' own multi-aspected style of production and DJing. Definitely worth a punt for those of you who want dancefloor momentum and contemplative emotional content in equal measure.



Wil's One-Liners

Ryan Hemsworth – Weird Life 

Only just picked up on this thanks to a listen of a recent Field Day radio instalment. Rather special this. And I'm not afraid to say; catch up Wil


?Turtle – Who Knows EP

It goes wumpwumpwumpwumpwump… it's got some nice pianos on it and the lead single on the EP is all folky n' shit. The Opposite of Low is the pick though. I like it. So there. Out on special edition white 12" vinyl. Limited to 500. Eat it.