A Little Something To Begin With… Young Marco Guest Edit Leader


This week the not so Young Marco Sterk takes the reins at Ransom Note HQ. Having known him ever since he played to literally no one in a ski resort in Bulgaria where literally not a single person came apart from us, he’s spent the intervening years repeating the same trick the world over. These days people actually pay him handsomely to perform this ritual, yet he still finds time to demean and vilify R$N on our every encounter and ruin our stages along the way, playing overrated Christmas songs.

Regardless of my personal feelings towards 'Sterkey' and whilst I wouldn’t divulge this to him, we’re massive fans of Marco over at R$N… plus he’s actually made me dance on more than one occasion. As I sit here typing this, perusing his back catalogue I’m reminded of the quality of his output from the off. But yeah, let’s keep that one between ourselves.

So it’s with some excitement that we’re presenting a full evening with him in London this weekend – as well as elsewhere in destinations far flung next year, more on that to come this week. In celebration – and a heightened degree of trepidation and anxiety – of all that lies ahead he’s agreed to steer the good ship R$N into shakier waters all week… I’m not one to sing Marco’s praises but the work he’s put into preparing for this week already has been nothing short of… well, remarkable. That’ll do for an intro, over to you ‘Sterkey’… Marco, let’s go.

Disclaimer: This was supposed to be written by Marco but his brain was too – in his words – like fondue so what you read above is a love letter to absent friends. Sure he'll get the hang of this soon tho.

Update: Marco's brain has re-solidified. Over to you, Marco…

Yes, the rumours are true, I will be guest editing this sorry excuse for an online music magazine for a whole week. The only reason I agreed to do this is to prove to R$N’s anorexic ginger bigfoot Wil Troup I can do his job better than he can, and he has to call me master all week. Well that, and to promote my all nighter in London they are organizing for me this weekend. Mostly the first reason though. I’ve got some light entertainment, proper in-depth interviews, scoops and zingers, cheese, glitter, breaking news, life changing tutorials, x-mas songs, and much more lined up for you, the people. Enjoy the ride, keep it blessed and don’t eat the yellow snow. Your friend, Marco

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