8 Tracks: Of 20th Century Extramundane Funk (And Some) With The Colours That Rise


Jazz fusion duo The Colours That Rise have just released their astonishing debut EP on Breaker Breaker Recordings. 2020 is comprised of "new jazz and old funk with an electronic city pace" and apparently works as the score to an as-yet-to-be-created animation. It's a bold debut alright, and fans of acts such as Henry Wu and The Comet Is Coming would be well advised to have a listen. Anyway, the pair have put together this ace selection of 8 Tracks for us, grouped around a very intriguing theme… from Roy Ayers and Larry Heard to Streets of Rage and Hard House Banton, dig in below!

2020 is out now on Breaker Breaker Recordings.

Serge Bulot - Euryale

Tranquil synths and bubbling arps from a lost Utopia.

  • Serge Bulot - Euryale

    Tranquil synths and bubbling arps from a lost Utopia.

  • Streets Of Rage 2 Opening Theme Music

    We grew up playing this game unaware of how forward thinking this soundtrack was. For a 1992 16-bit computer game soundtrack, Yuzo Koshiro went deep.

  • Brian Bennett - Solstice

    An unlikely release for the drummer from The Shadows – but Brian Bennet ain’t no normal drummer – he’s responsible for writing “Summer Holiday” – yeah that one. But the EP ‘Voyage, A Journey Into Discoid Funk’ squashes that debt to society and some.

  • Roy Ayers - Liquid Love

    Been getting high to this for years.

  • Tarika Blue - Dreamflower

    Appreciation of J Dilla eventually brought us into contact with this Japanese jazz funk band.

  • Larry Heard - Missing You

    A tune that works well in most settings whether you’re dancing at a party or chilling on the sofa. The haunting vocal line perfectly compliments the synth work.

  • Pierre Dutour - Magic Lake

    Will have you day-dreaming against your will. This track hangs in the air and and gets through the cracks in the windows. Thanks Pierre.

  • Hard House Banton - Sirens

    A wild card to wake you up: ‘Sirens’ is one of the tunes that soundtracks the spirit of London funky – It encapsulated this specific era in time through hard bass lines and gritted teeth.

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